Don’t (back)stop me now


How will we resolve the little matter of the Irish Backstop..? Before anyone can really answer this -let alone Teresa May -its important to understand what this is all about… Brexit in Ireland – what could happen. To create two separate economic areas in Ireland, one inside the EU’s single market (the Republic of Ireland) and one outside (Northern Ireland, member of the UK) the EU and UK need to come to an arrangement on how they will deal with the Irish border between the two countries in the future. In the event…

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A bank, a bank, my kingdom for a bank


As  early jockeying within a significant portion of London’s financial sector continues to signal a shift away from Britain’s capital, EU partners alike vie to lure some of the big names to their door this Christmas.  Paris has been one of the first out-of-the gate in doing due diligence on several current ‘City’ dwellers.  Measures as such in the works may see a rapid redeployment of labour to other financial hubs around Europe (indeed made a little easier by the free movement of people -is there any difference in economic migrants against financial ones.. the…

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Brexit and the western spring

Does anyone else feel like you’re part of a giant movie right now?   Maybe I read too much news, but the way events are currently unfolding around the world, one could be excused for feeling that way.  Across the virtual battleground of political discourse where our story unfolds details are dissected, shared, liked and tweeted (unchecked) across social media with increasing frequency. So much so that even the UK Brexit quickly lost its appeal, in the frenzied morning light of a Trump administration. Be that as it may, the British Prime Minister has…

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Hard or Soft is there any question?

When selecting how you like your eggs cooked this choice rarely costs you much thought.  But in terms of what this all means for Brexit, hard and soft will have significant implications on both Europe and UK.  Early signs indicate that things are heading in the direction of a hard landing. How hard this remains to be seen, but key elements of the separation will reveal more about the scale of the impact. Timing can be a tricky one to get right in politics.  The British Prime Minister’s decision to commit to triggering article…

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