A bank, a bank, my kingdom for a bank


As  early jockeying within a significant portion of London’s financial sector continues to signal a shift away from Britain’s capital, EU partners alike vie to lure some of the big names to their door this Christmas.  Paris has been one of the first out-of-the gate in doing due diligence on several current ‘City’ dwellers.  Measures as such in the works may see a rapid redeployment of labour to other financial hubs around Europe (indeed made a little easier by the free movement of people -is there any difference in economic migrants against financial ones.. the principal is inevitably the same, we (the nomadic lot) move when forces dictate, no? Banks are simply accommodating uncertainty until at least 2019.

March on Mrs. May

So, am I getting this right.. a vote in Parliament this week circumvented the result of the UK supreme court hearing of Gina Miller’s case against the government. In other words -there wasn’t that much confidence an overturning the original High Court decision would happen?  One would call this cutting ones loses. The British Prime Minister so very much hoped to use the Royal ‘carte blanche’ prerogative.

Is this a sign that she hasn’t got a terribly good poker face, (one does wonder about other members of her cabinet and their compulsiveness to share more than they should about Britain’s so called allies.

“So, the next time you’re in the middle east and you hear the beep, think of the fun you could having on foreign policy sweep!

Sorry that one’s for the British daytime TV fans!

EU negotiators will have a better read on the British government’s cards that’s for sure, and in exchange Mrs May got a definite starting date for triggering Art50. This timeline would run in parallel with potentially 4 national elections in Germany, France, Netherlands, and Italy (after Renzi bet it all on black). Maybe this is the opportunity the Brits wish to explore.

The Brexile.

The Brexile holiday season recipe.

Making the perfect Brexit wordcake

Cooking instructions:

  • Take one serving of ‘Brex’
  • add a variety of endings such as +iteer; (drop the x)+mainer; or even your beloved +ile.  
  • pop it in the oven to bake at 23 degrees for about 2 years.
  • then enjoy with a nice glass of tariff imposed beer or wine.

There are many more creative twists to this dish, see your local online news source for more


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