Brexit and the western spring

Does anyone else feel like you’re part of a giant movie right now?  

Maybe I read too much news, but the way events are currently unfolding around the world, one could be excused for feeling that way.  Across the virtual battleground of political discourse where our story unfolds details are dissected, shared, liked and tweeted (unchecked) across social media with increasing frequency. So much so that even the UK Brexit quickly lost its appeal, in the frenzied morning light of a Trump administration.

Be that as it may, the British Prime Minister has hit her own rocky shore in recent weeks. Complying with the wishes of the British electorate on leaving the European Union, was never going to be easy, especially shrouded in secrecy.  A recent decision in the UK High Court, would force the government [if held up by UK’s Supreme Court] to seek agreement from Parliament on the terms of the exit, before triggering article 50. Leaving March 2017 as an ambitious date for the UK to start the formal withdrawal process.

In an ironic twist, the case could even be heard by the European Courts! One can already imagine the headlines.

 #…can we pause for a second to consider the word ‘triggering’  – sounds like somethings going to go off with a bang? ..ol’ western saloon shootouts, pulling the trigger and never looking back..? Drama, drama, drama..  This might sound like a stretch but there is a real feeling that things are moving in uncertain directions…

What is a country without a respected judiciary?

This isn’t only about elected leaders in office, genuine concerns have been raised on the fierce scrutiny, by UK media sources unhappy about the High Court ruling -that essentially forces the government to reveal its Brexit negotiating hand. Sadly, attacks like these do more long term damage to public confidence in the rule of law than we can possibly imagine. In the last months all one could hear were cries how the system is rigged (democracy that is). And by vilifying UK high court judges or choosing US Supreme court judges to look more like participants on ‘I’m pregnant, get me out of here‘ implies a deep distrust for the system, law, and the decision makers and judges that are inherent to it.

First things first

The UK government needs to develop a draft exit strategy with concrete ideas (on immigration and single market access) to be debated before parliament, anything else to be fair, would look unprepared.  The sensible money is on the UK Supreme court supporting the original verdict, so an act going through both houses will most likely be needed before the Brexit train can leave the station. Rumblings of dissatisfaction from Lib Dem peers in the Lords and rumours of even Sinn Fein’s MPs taking their seats in Westminster, this movie’s only getting started. Pass the popcorn.

The Brexile.

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