Hard or Soft is there any question?

When selecting how you like your eggs cooked this choice rarely costs you much thought.  But in terms of what this all means for Brexit, hard and soft will have significant implications on both Europe and UK.  Early signs indicate that things are heading in the direction of a hard landing. How hard this remains to be seen, but key elements of the separation will reveal more about the scale of the impact.

Timing can be a tricky one to get right in politics.  The British Prime Minister’s decision to commit to triggering article 50 by the end of March 2017 was quite strange indeed considering both the French and German general elections would be within the 2 year window that the treaty allows a member to leave.  For even an extension to the negotiations period would require unanimous approval from all 27 other EU member states.   Think that’s going to be easy..  think again,  keeping in mind some of the other trade deals the EU is negotiating.

No significant political pressure will come from either the French or Germans until after their elections, this could leave less than 18 months on the clock to iron out all the details..  and details there will be…  Both sides will need their fittest and finest trade negotiators going into bat, but where will they all come from?


Source: Politico

The Brexile.

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